My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon!

Hello again! In this post, I’m going to take a little detour from
the more serious tutorial posts and share my top 10
favorite Pokemon with you! I’m not much of a stats guru
so my selection is going to be based mostly on looks. This
is also going to exclude starter Pokemon (I’ll probably do
a separate post on this) and Legendaries/Mythicals/Ultrabeasts.
So, let’s get right into it!

10. Joltik


I’m not a bug person by any means and I hate spiders. Joltik
is definitely an exception. It’s so tiny and cute I love it!
Plus, it has a super sick evolution, Garvantula. Its typing
of bug/electric is pretty cool too! This is one spider I
definitely wouldn’t squish.

9. Salandit


I love fire types and salandit definitely stands out among them
for me. It’s blacked out, slithery/thin design is so cool and
I love that flames emanate from the stripe on its tail. Females
evolve into Salazzle, which is pretty cool (and rare in-game),
but I’m slightly more of a fan of its base. Not to say that
Salazzle is a terrible evolution, but given how rare it is,
it definitely could have been cooler.

8. Sandile


Crocodiles are badass as is and Sandile takes that to a whole
‘nother level. It’s got an Egyptian vibe to it, plus, its
dark/ground typing is swaggy too like T-tar. Its base evolution
is so cute. I feel like I could walk it and play fetch with it
like a doggo. Its other two evolutions are so badass, but if
I were to have this mon in real life, I’d probably just stick
with the base because I love it so much.

7. Electrike


Electrike is one of my go-to electric-type mons in Emerald. I
just love the design so much and, to be fair, I’m a bit biased
toward dog-like mons. All that aside, electrike looks sick and
I can totally see it being super fast and extremely loyal. It
also has a great evolution and mega-evolution. I want to have
an electrike in real life so bad haha.

6. Galarian Farfetch’d


Take a normal duck but with an onion slung over its shoulders
and a menacing look that could kill and you have Galarian Farfetch’d!
The fact that it’s armed with a vegetable kills me. I love it so much XD!
And its evolution into Sirfetch’d really put the icing on the cake
with this one.

5. Spoink


Ok, how could you not love Spoink? Its level of cuteness is overloaded
and all it does is bounce around. I have the shiny version of this in
PoGo and it’s one of my all-time favorites. The only reason Spoink didn’t
make it higher on the list is because it’s abomination of an evolution,
Grumpig, SUCKS. It’s absolutely TERRIBLE. Wow, I hate it so much.
Whoever designed that hot piece of garbage should be ashamed of themselves.

4. Growlithe


Anyways…moving on to number 4, Growlithe! This is where my dog
bias comes into play a little, but I mean come on, how cool
is a fire dog?! If I could only pick one Pokemon to keep in
real life, Growlithe would definitely be a strong contender.
The fact that it has a really sick evolution that’s probably
big enough for me to ride like a horse definitely adds extra

3. Eevee


Ok, my reasonings for this might be pretty self-explanatory. The Eeveelution
aspect of this Pokemon is one of the best concepts in all of Pokemon.
I love all of the Eeveelutions (except maybe Leafeon but I’ll get past that),
with Umbreon being my favorite. They’re all so well done and the original
form is super cute too. So, yeah.

2. Alolan Dugtrio

Alolan Dugtrio

Alolan Dugtrio is absolutely FIERCE. Just not in the way some other Mons are.
I used to be a little bit of a Diglett hater, but I love the fact that its
evolution, Dugtrio, is just a group of its homies chillin in a hole together.
Then add luscious golden locks to that combo and you have one of the most
glorious Pokemon in existence.

1. Wooper


This one might be a little controversial. I mean, why would I pick a Mudkip
knock-off as my favorite Pokemon? I’ll tell you why. It has a big ‘ol smile
and bops its lil head without a care in the world in PoGo. This derpy
lil guy really just has my whole heart. Even its evolution, Quagsire,
is just as cute. Top that off with banging names like “Wooper” and
“Quagsire” and you have the absolute best Pokemon in the Pokemon

And that’s it for my (personal) top 10 favorite Pokemon! Thanks for reading
and I’ll be sure to add more Pokemon-related posts in the future.
So, stay tuned!