The Pomodoro Technique: beat procrastination and achieve quality focus

Lately, I’ve been applying the Pomodoro Technique whenever I need to get something done. Whether I’m at work, writing a blog post (I’m using it right now!), or even cleaning up the house, Pomodoro has been a life-saving productivity boost. And it’s stupidly simple! So, in this post, I’ll give you a brief introduction as well as my experiences with it so you can get started boosting your productivity.

Why use it?

I’m a frequent procrastinator. And I doubt anyone has ever gone without struggling with procrastination in the past. It’s a guilty pleasure.

On the other end of the spectrum, once I finally build up the courage to get to work, I find myself burning out. My thoughts become less and less clear until exhaustion kicks in and I give up.

If this is relatable in any way, you need the Pomodoro technique!

What does it do?

Essentially, the Pomodoro Technique is all about breaking a larger task into short bursts. Like running a marathon in tons of short sprints, taking a break between each one.

In my experience, I’m able to start a task much easier. There’s something about committing to a short period of time that makes starting anything so doable.

I’ve also had no burnouts. Having a short break is a powerful refresher. Sometimes, I struggle with knowing when to stop. I try to push myself until I’m forced to give up, which is neither healthy nor productive in the end.

I feel much more focused. I’m able to apply a higher quality of attention. Having a short deadline reduces the need for me to take an unintended break. I’m much less likely to check my phone or have my mind wander. Instead, I fully commit to the task at hand with a rewarding break just around the corner.

Ok, I’m hooked. Teach me how!

The best part about this technique is that it is incredibly simple!

You start by committing 25 minutes to focusing on your task. Then, you take a 5-minute break. Once, that 5 minutes is up, it’s back to focusing for 25 minutes.

Repeat this, until you’ve completed 4 focus periods. Once you’ve completed 4, it’s time to reward yourself with a longer, 15-20 minute break.

And that’s it! Super simple, but powerful.

By the end, you’ll have committed an hour of quality concentration to a task that you probably would have put off without Pomodoro.

For best results, don’t go on your phone for the short breaks. The best way to take a break is to do nothing. I find that if I go on my phone, I accidentally take longer breaks, and then lose my motivation to keep going. So, avoid your phone as much as possible. Save it for a longer break.

Seems like too much to remember…

It’s hard enough having to remember all of this. I mean, why add additional work?

Luckily, there are tons of smart, kind people out there to make tools for us so we don’t have to give this technique a second thought.

I like using this web app. It even comes with a handy to-do list!

For mobile folks, there are tons of apps out there. Just look up “Pomodoro” in your app store and you should be able to find something that works for you.

That’s it!

Just thought I’d share a quick productivity tip with everyone. It’s so simple and has been a game changer for me at work or really anytime I need to bring my A-game.

If this helped you, please spread the word! And if you liked this post, let me know and I’ll deviate from the world of cybersecurity every once in a while to bring more content like this.

Hope you unlock your fullest potential!